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Orga Nanage
3 min readJul 29, 2021

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For many decades, “big media” ran the world of entertainment and news. A relatively small number of industries controlled what most of us read, viewed, and listened to. To contribute to the conversation, we had to be employed by one of these media conglomerates, or at the very least, be significant enough to feature in the stories they told. We watched scheduled television programs, listened to radio slots, read newspapers written by journalists following their editors’ orders, read books and magazines from large publishers, and spent evenings at the cinemas, watching films distributed by a small number of studios.

However, the internet changed things. It was a slow, almost insidious process, but over time, the media decentralized. We found many different types of content that we loved. More importantly, much of this content isn’t owned by traditional media sectors. Much of it is written, spoken, or filmed by ordinary people like us. And as a result of this, we acquired the confidence to make content ourselves. Now people are happily consuming content that we make and distribute without the need for the traditional industries. This is the era of the creator economy, and it is markedly different from what went before. (1) You might pursue your interest while still earning money! Well, if you’re that interested as to how, the ball is in your court to shoot on this site!

As this industry continues to develop, the forecast is for compound annual progress rates in all forms of creator content, especially video and live. The heightened bandwidth made available by broadband internet, fiber, and 5G networks might have a proportional impact on how much content we consume — especially on our phones. This content is all free, so it becomes the first thing that people discover the moment they have extra bandwidth.

But as the live streaming industry continues to develop, it’s not clear how well it’s performing for new content creators who are on the front lines. Most streamers dream of going full time; the allure of doing something you love for a living and being your own boss is a huge motivator, but making live streaming is incredibly challenging. It requires a huge amount of hard work, dedication, and a healthy dose of luck. (2) The creator economy might be the key to establishing a wonderful job for creative individuals! Isn’t it phenomenal? To relieve your excitement, hear something straight from the horse’s mouth by running through this page!

Everyone acknowledges that streaming platforms are developing, but all that progress seems to be concentrated at the top. Browse any game on Twitch and you’ll see about 90 percent of the viewing audience for that game concentrated in the first ten displayed streams. You could continue scrolling until your hand gets tired to see all the other streamers battling over the scraps; most are fighting to grasp around 1–20 viewers. The effect of this competition is clear: becoming a full-time streamer today is no easy task. Elaborate your idea and keep reading with this entrancing site! Check the disclaimer on my profile and landing page.




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